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Reah was not an interesting planet. It had large, uninhabited continents, an inhospitable climate, no resources - in short, it had nothing that would justify setting up a colony there. However, a base was set up, in order to secretly investigate an alien artifact - a teleportation gateway, which teleported people to another dimension. It linked the planet Reah with its sister planet, which was radically different, inhabited by some very strange beings. Investigation was made more difficult because advanced human technology simply did not work in this alien dimension, and research could only be conducted through first-hand observation. So, a group of scientists had set up a small research colony on the other side, and the journalist was offered the chance to visit it and break the great discovery to the world.

When a journalist was visiting the portal site, they received disturbing news that the return connection was becoming increasingly unstable. They reconsidered whether anyone should be allowed to go through the gateway. However, this did not deter the reporter who was eager to be famous and crossed into the other dimension without hesitation. At that moment the gateway disappeared, leaving him in a desert, standing in front of the walls of a strange city. Having no other choice, he simply had to face the unknown...

Sounds familiar? Wait till you see and hear the world of planet Reah, you won't believe your senses.

Reah™- face the unknown is a first person perspective puzzle oriented adventure game for Windows® 95/98. The game have been developed in Poland by L.K. Avalon and Detalion (the developers of the upcoming SCHIZM: mysterious journey). Reah is based on the high quality prerendered 3D graphics handled by very fast and smooth V-Cruise™ Engine which combines the great visual quality and the broad freedom of exploration.

The player plays the role of a little too curious reporter who has been trapped in another world. His task is to find out where he is, what he is supposed to do and what the hell is going on there. As usual in such situations, he is also completely unprepared for the mission and unexpectedly many people relay on him. This is certainly not an ordinary press work.

Being completely non violent, the game appeals to everyone, to young players and adults of both sexes, offering their open minds the real and very satisfying challenge and giving their senses an experience to remember.

Reah is no longer available. It was released in 2 flavors: the classic CD-ROM version on 6 discs and the enhanced DVD-ROM version on double sided DVD-10 disc.

Minimum requirements for classic CD-ROM version: Pentium 90 PC, 16 MB RAM, 4 speed CD-ROM drive, SVGA 1 MB, 180 MB of hard drive space, Windows 95/98, DirectX, Windows 95/98 compatible sound card.

Minimum requirements for enhanced DVD-ROM version: Pentium 166 MMX PC, 16 MB RAM, second generation DVD-ROM drive, SVGA 1 MB, 100 MB of hard drive space, Windows 95/98, DirectX, Windows 95/98 compatible sound card.

The classic version available for the North American market uses some of the enhancements found on the DVD-ROM version therefore it requires at least 166 MMX PC. Obviously both versions will take advantage of faster CD-ROM (DVD-ROM) drives and increased RAM size.

© copyright 1999,2000 L.K. Avalon, last changed: May 28, 2001