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Sometimes Things Are Never What They Seem

An Ancient War... A Terrible Secret...

A young man wakes in a cryogenic sleeper pod aboard a space station orbiting a desolate world. A recording left two hundred years before tells him that he caused the desolation below, and that now he is to be punished for his crime. The derelict station is to be his prison and his tomb. In sixteen days it will fall from orbit.

A Traitor's Fate...

The problem is, Sen remembers none of it. If he's to be punished, why take the memory of his crime? It doesn't make sense. But before the recording can reveal more, even what the second part of his punishment is to be, the recorder is destroyed.

Visit Sarpedon...

The planet below was once a thriving, highly advanced world enjoying the wonders of a golden age. But when an alien spaceship entered its system, factions formed - those wanting to make contact with the alien vessel and those who didn't. A devastating global war soon followed.

All Sen knows is that a single valley has survived the devastation. Now he must find a way to reach it. These are his people - or are they? What might they have become after two hundred years? But the station is about to fall. There is no other choice.

A Single Valley...

Assume the role of Sen as he struggles to escape his prison and return to the strange new world that was once his home. Join him as he uses 'Chameleon' technology to impersonate members of the two feuding tribes he finds there and go safely among them. Discover what really happened all those years ago and help bring hostilities to a truly surprising conclusion. Join Sen and discover the truth.


Internationally acclaimed, multi-award winning science fiction author Terry Dowling has created a powerful and fascinating tale of planetary adventure, full of intrigue and excitement, a tale of revenge, mistaken identity and alien invasion.

"Australia's premier fantasist" - Peter McNamara

"Among the masters of the field" - Locus

"The most noted prose stylist in Australian speculative fiction" - Locus

"Here is Jack Vance, Cordwainer Smith and Tiptree/Sheldon come again, reborn in one wonderful talent" - Harlan Ellison

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